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This is my TOS for any and all adopts you buy from me, I'll leave a link for this journal in every adoptables description and you will be asked to read it before buying a design from me.  


* You may change your adopts gender, species, clothing (if applicable) hair style (if applicable) as well as any markings or tattoos the design you have purchased from me has. HOWEVER I do request that you keep the design recognizable to its original design (after all why would you buy a design to redo it completely?? MADNESS? I TELL YA!)

* You MUST credit me as the designer in the first drawing you do of them OR if you are one of those people who never draw their characters and just order commissions please leave a side note somewhere that I am the designer. (I really do love seeing my designs being used and loved)

* Do NOT claim yourself to be the designs creator and none of that "Credit to the original designer" stuff either, proper credits MUST be given via a link to my DA page.

* You may NOT buy one of my designs just to resell them PERIOD.

* If you read all of my rules then comment "noodles" down below (;

* You can NOT resell one of my adopts for a higher price than you paid for them UNLESS they come with extra art. If/when you do resell one of my designs you MUST inform me of who you sold them to, I want to keep tabs on my adopts no matter how many I make.

* You can trade any adopt you purchase from be but same goes for trading YOU HAVE TO INFORM ME OF WHO YOU TRADE THEM TO. You are also allowed to buy one of my designs as a gift so long as you inform the person you're giving the design to that I am the designer so that they may credit me properly.

* If you do plan on selling one of my designs please let me know beforehand. I'd like to have a chance to buy my designs back if it's one I really liked.

* I will NEVER do a refund on an adopt no matter what the reason is. Once you've bought it, it's yours until you trade/sell/gift it away.

* Please don't buy one of my designs if you never plan on using it. I hate seeing designs I've worked hard on just rotting away in peoples stash.

If I see someone breaking ANY of my rules after you confirm that you have read them I will blacklist you and block you. You will not be allowed to buy another design from me OR be allowed to buy one of my designs from someone else. 
I don't want any drama or arguments over any technicalities on my adoptables account. If you agree to these rules and break any of them and I confront you about it I do NOT want to hear you say you didn't know such rules existed ect. It's your responsibility as a buyer to read and agree to my TOS before buying a design from me. 
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